Download Grevy's ZebrasDownloadThese zebras, called Grevy's Zebras or Imperial Zebras (Equus Grevyi) are shown walking daintly around their enclosure.  This shot provides a good example of the zebra's stride and it's stripe pattern as seen on the left side.

Download Grevy's Zebra Full FaceDownloadThis is another look at the beautiful pair of Grevy's Zebras from the Denver Zoo showing the full face of the closest. With narrower stripes than other types of zebras it is easy to see how this larger zebra was still able to hide in the grasslands.

Download Two Grevy's Zebras Side by SideDownloadThese two zebras are walking side by side across their enclosure at the Denver Zoo.  Grevy's Zebras are the largest type of Zebra and are in some ways closer to mules than other zebras.

Download Two Grevy's Zebras with Heads DownDownloadThese two Grevy's Zebra are bending their heads down behind a rock structure to eat.  You can see one Zebra in profile, whil the other has his head twisted to the camera and only one eye peaking above the rocks.

Download Grevy's Zebra ProfileDownloadThis Grevy's Zebra is walking from right to left, with it's left side in profile.  Grevy's, or Imperial Zebras have narrower, darker stripes extending down to their hooves, but white bellies and underleg areas. 

Download Grevy's Zebra EatingDownloadThis beautiful example of Grevy's Zebra is bending to eat straw left on the ground.  He is looking directly at the camera with facial stripes and large ears that are charactoristic with this type of Zebra clearly visible.

Download Grevy's Zebra Eating with Head TurnedDownloadThis Grevy's Zebra at the Denver Zoo is snacking on some dry grass while turning it's head to the side.  These Zebras are endangered however several have been born lately at the Denver Zoo.

Download 2 Zebras EatingDownloadDescription: Two zebras seen from above munching on hay. The zebra in the foreground has its face turned toward the camera, so that the strippes on the nose stand out clearly. It has broad, thick black and white stripes on its back and sides, and small thin stripes on the legs and face. Behind it stands another zebra, its face hidden behind the first zebra, while the leg of anothe zebra can be seen in the corner of the photo.

Download Zebra By TreeDownloadDescription: A zebra at the Albuquerque Zoo, standing beside a tree.

Download Zebra CloseupDownloadDescription: A closeup shot of a zebra at the Albuquerque Zoo.

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