Download Australian Bush Turkey from AboveDownloadAn Australian Bush Turkey (Alectura lathami) seen from above as it pecks and searches the sandy parking lot near Noosa Heads, Australia.  Also called Scrub Turkey or Brush Turkey.

Download Australian Bush Turkey Pecking at SandDownloadAn Australian Bush or Scrub Turkey (Alectura lathami) pecking at the sand for his dinner. You can see the bright red head and yellow neck ring that distinguish this common mound building bird found all over Australia.

Download Wild TurkeyDownloadDescription: A pair of wild turkeys walking in the grass in Fort Bragg, California. The closer turkey is a male, standing with his back to the camera in the sunlight. The patterns of his plumiage and the red wattle beneath his chin are clearly visible. Behind him is a female, her wings spread. Beyond the turkeys is a wooden fence.

Download Wild Turkey 2DownloadDescription: A wild turkey standing in the grass in Fort Bragg, California. This is a turkey hen, standing outlined in sunlight, turned away from the camera. She faces toward the brush at the edge of the field. Her tail and the lower part of her body are obscured by grass.

Download Australian Bush Turkey Looking for FoodDownloadThis Australian Bush or Brush Turkey is looking for food in the edge of some scrub.  These birds are communal and several will build a large nest together in grass and scruby trees just like what can be seen behind the turkey here.

Download Australian Bush Turkey PosedDownloadThis Australian Bush Turkey has posed for a picture in the middle of strutting around the grass.  These are communal birds which populate many parks and beach areas in Eastern Australia, and can be quite aggressive in getting food from the humans sharing these spaces.

Download Bush Turkey StruttingDownloadA Bush Turkey pecking in the sand of a parking lot.  These birds can be found all over Eastern Australia frequenting beaches, parking lots and open parks.


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