Download Mexican Redknee Tarantula Close upDownloadIn this close up of the Mexican Redknee Tarantula (brachypelma smithi) you can clearly see the bright red patches on the joints of each of its eight legs as well as its mandibles and back.  A carnivore, this tarantula is also a popular pet and a female Mexican Redknee can live up to 40 years in captivity.

Download Metallic Pinktoe Tarantula Close UpDownloadA close up shot of a Metallic Pinktoe Tarantula (avicularia metallica) which clearly shows its pink toe coloring as well as the shiny purple black hair on it's body and legs.  The tarantula is crawling from a stick of bamboo to the wall of its terrarium, with one leg outstretched toward the camera.

Download Trinidad Chevron TarantulaDownloadA picture of a primarily gray Trinidad Chevron Tarantula (psalmopoeus cambridgei) straight on climbing over a wood log.  An arboreal or tree dwelling tarantula, it is long and flatter than the desert tarantulas more commonly kept as pets.

Download Sri Lankan Ornamental TarantulaDownloadA Sri Lankan Ornamental Tarantula (poecilotheria fasciata) seen from above walking down the side of its cage. This pretty gray, white and black tarantula has distinctive patterns similar to the Ghost Ornamental Tarantula from the same region.

Download Skeleton TarantulaDownloadA Skeleton Tarantula (ephebopus murinus) just begining to crawl out of its web, with its forelegs reaching through the thick silk.  This spider is named because its leg markings resemble skeletal bones.

Download Salmon Pink Birdeater TarantulaDownloadA Salmon Pink Birdeater Tarantula (lasiodora parahybana) seen from above and to the side walking in it's terrarium.  These tarantula can get as big as a dinner plate, almost a foot in leg span, and are named for the light pink coloring on their leg joints and bristles.

Download Mexican Golden Redrump Tarantula Close UpDownloadA Mexican Golden Redrump Tarantula (brachypelma albiceps)  seen closeup, appearing to crawl to the camera. Its namesake golden red rump can not be seen, but the same bright coloring on its abdomen is visible, along with the black leg bristles.

Download Pink Zebra Beauty TarantulaDownloadA close up of a Pink Zebra Beauty Tarantula (eupalaestrus campestratus), looking up over its rump from behind. A relatively newly discovered species of tarantula, this one lives up to the "Beauty" in its name with delicate pink striping and tinged hairs on its body.

Download Pink Toe Tarantula in WebDownloadA unique picture of a Pink Toe Tarantula (avicularia avicularia) looking up and through its web at its underbelly. Although you an't see much of the tarantula's distingiushing pink toes, you can see a good example of an arboreal spider's web and a different perspecitve on the tarantula as well.

Download Pink Toe TarantulaDownloadA Pink Toe Tarantula (avicularia avicularia) curled in a ball at the edge of its enclosure. Unlike the Metallic Pinktoe, this tarantula does not have the same shiny metallic like bristles, but it does have the tiny pick spotting on the toes.

Download Mexican Golden Redrump TaratulaDownloadA down angled picture of a Mexican Golden Redrump Tarantula (brachypelma albiceps) crawling among woodchips. Seen here from above, this tarantula has a bright pumpkin or golden red abdomen as well as a color patch around the lower half of it's rump giving it its name.

Download Metallic Pinktoe Tarantula on BambooDownloadA Metallic Pinktoe Tarantula (avicularia metallica) crawling down a piece of bamboo. This fuzzy purple-black tarantula is of medium size and derives it's name from a delicate pink spotting on the ends of its toes.

Download Brazilian Black TarantulaDownloadThis is a Brazilian Black Tarantula (grammostola pulchra) seen from the side view as it crawls among the bark in its terrarium at The Butterfly Pavilion in Broomfield, CO.  A slow growing glossy black tarantula with fine leg hairs, this carnivore is a favorite species for pets.

Download Mexican Pink TarantulaDownloadA Mexican Pink Tarantula (brachypelma klaasi) seen close up as it climbs over a log. It's pink leg bristles are displayed prominately.

Download Mexican Redknee TarantulaDownloadSeen from above and to the side, this is a  Mexican Redknee Tarantula exploring its terrarium.  The tarantula gets its name from the bright orangish red patches along it's legs.  Rocks and cacti, part of its natural habitat are also seen in the photo.

Download Mexican Redrump TarantulaDownloadA Mexican Redrump Tarantula (brachypelma vagans) seen from above as it crawls in its teranium. The characteristic red hairs on its rump that give in its name can be seen clearly in this close up.  This large burrowing spider is very popular as a pet in the United States and can live in a variety of environments.

Download Mexican Redleg TarantulaDownloadThis Mexican Redleg Tarantula (brachypelma emilia) appears to be coming straight for the camera, with one leg raised up against the glass of its enclosure.  The normaly very bright leg coloring of this endangered species appears slightly muted except for the one raised leg.

Download Brazilian Black and White TarantulaDownloadA Brazilian Black and White Tarantula (nhandu colloratovillosus) veiwed from an angle as it climbs down the side of its terrarium.  This tarantula is normally mostly black and with bright white patches on its leg joints, but it this picture the fine reddish hairs on its legs and rump can also be seen.

Download Green Bottle Blue TarantulaDownloadA Green Bottle Blue Tarantula (chromatopelma cyaneopubescens) seen from the side at ground level. This unique colored tarantula has fine haired that show the different colors and types of bristles along its legs and its reddish colored rump.

Download Goliath Birdeater TarantulaDownloadA close up view from the side of the Goliath Birdeater Tarantula (), one of the largest of all tarantulas.  This giant specimen has soft brown coloring in its body and very fine bristles along its legs as seen here.

Download Ghost Ornamental TarantulaDownloadA Ghost Ornamental Tarantula (poecilotheria pederseni) stretched up against the glass of its terrarium.  The black and white patterns of its body as well as the coloring of its leg bristles make this old world tarantula a beautiful find.

Download Costa Rican Tigerrump TarantulaDownloadA closer view of the unique striped pattern on the rump of the Costa Rican Tigerrump Tarantula (cyclosternum fasciatum). The black and red striped pattern similar to a tiger's coat is useful to frighten away predators.

Download Costa Rican Tigerrump Tarantula Crawling AwayDownloadA picture of a Costa Rican Tigerrump Tarantula (cyclosternum fasciatum) crawling away under a rock. A rare daylight dwelling tarantula, it has a red and black striped pattern on its rump, giving it its name.

Download Chaco Giant Golden Striped TarantulaDownloadPictured from above and to the side, this Chaco Giant Golden Striped Tarantula (grammastola pulchripes) is sitting on a piece of wood. This beautiful specimen of tarantula features golden amber stripes on its leg sections as well as fine gray and white hairs.


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