Hawaii Sunset

Our sunset photo gallery includes images of trees and leaves silhouetted against the sunset sky, the last light of the setting sun shining through banks of clouds, and brilliant sunlight reflected in the surface of water.

Vivid Half Rainbow

Pictures of rainbows, some showing half of the arc of the bow, others just the end.

Sky And Silhouette 2

Pictures of interesting cloud formations, some of which would make very nice backgrounds.

Surf City Moon 5

Pictures of the moon, moonrises, the full moon, and the crescent moon.

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Pictures of the sky make great wallpaper, because the clouds often form low-contrast, interesting textures that make great backgrounds. Our sky pictures photo gallery includes pictures of clouds of various types, pictures of the sky at sunset, and a few pictures of the moon. We have photos of puffy clouds, wispy high clouds, and clouds lit by the last light of the setting sun. The marbled patterns of white clouds against a blue sky, or the swirling oranges and pinks of clouds at sunset also make great background images for webpages.

Like all of the photos on our website, our sky pics are distributed under a Creative Commons license, allowing you to use them for any purpose you like provided you give us credit for the photograph. You may modify these sky photos for use in graphics design for the web or in print. If you use any of these pics in a website, please provide a link to our site on the page where you use the picture. You may also download these images for use as wallpaper and desktop backgrounds, as well as for any other purpose. If you have questions or comments, please contact us at


Free pictures of the sky, sunsets, clouds, and the moon, free to use however you like.

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