Download Vivid Half RainbowDownloadOne thing I love about our new house is that in the summer, during thunderstorm season, there are times in late afternoon when you can see an amazing full-arc rainbow right outside our back door. This was one of the most vivid rainbows I've ever seen. This picture hardly does it justice, it was absolutely incredible. In this photo I was able to capture half of the rainbow's arc, shining against a cloudy sky over the top of a distant hill.

Download Double RainbowDownloadDescription: A long view of a double rainbow against a dark gray cloudy sky, taken in Queensland Australia. The lower rainbow is brightly colored, the upper one is faded but still clearly visible.

Download Rainbow Over Palms 2DownloadDescription: A closer view of the end of a rainbow hanging over a clump of palm trees in Queensland Australia. The rainbow is seen against dark grey clouds.

Download Rainbow Over Palms 1DownloadDescription: The bottom part of a brilliant rainbow against a cloudy sky, taken in Queensland, Australia. The rainbow hangs over a clump of palm trees in late afternoon sunlight. A tiny corner of the second rainbow can be seen in the upper left corner of the photo.

Download Rainbow FadingDownloadDescription: A rainbow fading into a grey, cloudy sky. At the bottom of the rainbow a break in the clouds reveals a distant bank of white puffy clouds. At the top of the short arc of rainbow, it fades into light gray mist.

Download End Of The RainbowDownloadDescription: The very end of a rainbow against a cloudy sky, taken in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Below the rainbow's end, a brightly colored bank of puffy clouds can be seen in the distance.


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