Download Raccoon 2DownloadDescription: A curoius raccoon seen looking direclty into the camera. The raccoon had climbed the steps of the front porch and was looking in through the glass of the door. It was not apparently alarmed by being photographed, indeed it seemed interested in the flashing light.

Download Raccoon 3DownloadDescription: A raccoon seen in profile, facing toward the right side of the photo as it peers in through the glass of a door. The raccoon's face is seen from the side, facing up and to the right.

Download Raccoon 4DownloadDescription: This is a closeup of the raccoon's face, looking down and to the right, one eye facing the camera as it peeks in to see what is going on inside the house.

Download Raccoon 1DownloadDescription: A raccoon on the front porch of a house, looking in through the glass of the door, seen from above. The raccoon's face is turned down and to the right, and the markings around the eyes are clearly visible.


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