Download Dead TreeDownloadDescription: A dead pine tree, still standing, surrounded by live pines, silhouetted against the sky.

Download Leaning TreeDownloadDescription: A pine tree leaning over the edge of a cliff over the ocean in Mendocino California

Download Windswept PineDownloadDescription: A lopsided, windswept pine tree near Mendocino California.

Download Trees Above SandDownloadDescription: A grove of trees above the sand at Jughandle Beach near Fort Bragg, California.

Download Towering PineDownloadDescription: A towering pine tree seen from directly beneath looking up, in Northern Sweden.

Download Sunlight Through PinesDownloadDescription: Sunlight shining through the needles of pine trees in Mendocino California.

Download Small PinesDownloadDescription: Small pine trees standing next to a bleached white dead trunk, in Mendocino California.

Download Pines On BluffDownloadDescription: A stand of small, tough pine trees clinging to the edge of the eroding slope of a bluff near Mendocino California. Some of these tenacious trees are actually protruding from the side of the bluff, their roots exposed by erosion. The photo was taken from below the slope of the bluff, looking up at the trees, in warm late afternoon sunlight.

Download Pine Tree With HistoryDownloadDescription: This large pine, with plenty of room around it now, is twisted toward the bottom and the lower limbs are dead or missing, indicating some history of hardship.

Download Pines On RidgeDownloadDescription: A pair of squat, broad pine trees at the crest of a ridge above the beach near Mendocino California. The rocky slope below the trees is sparsely covered in vegitation, while thicker greenery grows at the top of the slope under the trees. The ridge crest dips down in the center to a small gully formed by runoff, then rises again at the left side of the picture.

Download Pine ConesDownloadDescription: Two dead, dry pine cones on a dead branch, bleached by the sun. In Wyoming.

Download Pine RootsDownloadDescription: The roots of a pine tree growing on a bluff.

Download Pine And Vine TrunkDownloadDescription: A live pine standing next to a dead trunk with vines growing on it, in Mendocino California.

Download Mendocino PinesDownloadDescription: A cluster of vine-covered pines in Mendocino California.

Download Pines On Cliff TopDownloadDescription: Small pine trees atop a short rocky cliff. The rocks of the cliff face are weathered and cracked, and tufts of grass and short bushes protrude over the edge of the rock's top. The trunks of the trees are obscured by the rock, only the upper branches sticking out from behind the rock face.

Download Mendocino Pines 2DownloadDescription: A small stand of pine trees with vines growing on their trunks, in Mendocino California.

Download Live And Dead PinesDownloadDescription: A pair of pine trees, one alive and one dead. leaning together, silhouetted against the sky.


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