Download Peacock TurningDownloadDescription: This peacock photo, taken at the Albuquerque Zoo, highlights the gorgeous crest of the bird, as well as clearly showing the markings along the top of the tailfeathers.

Download Peacock Watching YouDownloadThis proud male peahen appears to be watching you from his the side.  His plumed crest is clearly visible on the back of his head and his brillaint blue coloring indicates he is an Indian Peacock ().  This is one of the many peafowl that can be found at the Denver Zoo.

Download Peacock ProfileDownloadDescription: Another peacock photo taken at the Albuquerque Zoo, this one in full profile.

Download Peacock Looking BackDownloadDescription: This peacock photo was taken at the Albuquerque Zoo, in dappled sunlight.

Download Peacock From a DistanceDownloadAn Indian Peacock at the Denver Zoo, seen from the distance.  The male bird has the vivid blue feathers most often seen on peafowls, but his distinctive tail is folded back behind him.  The female peahen (not seen here) has more muted brown coloring, but still has a long tail and crest.

Download Regal BirdDownloadThis beautiful peacock is occasionally called a regal bird as this picture shows.  An Indian Peacock, the national bird of India, he has bright blue feathers and a long draped tail.  He is one of the many peafowls seen at the Denver Zoo.

Download Peacock Head DownDownloadAnother picture from the Denver Zoo, this bird has his head down, highlighting his black and white crest on his head against the turquoise blue of his back.  Although not easily seen, his distinctive "eye" pattern tail feathers are tucked in a train behind him.

Download Peacock StruttingDownloadA close up shot of a male Indian Peacock who appears to be strutting.  His neck is bent with his head bobbing.  His brilliant blue chest plummage is set off by the wall behind him and his beautiful tail is neatly folded behind.  Most peacocks only show their tails in full when they are courting or threatened.  This is one of a series of pictures taken at the Denver Zoo.

Download Peacock with Tail DrapedDownloadThis Indian Peacock (Pavo cristatus) with blue neck and body plummage is carrying his long tail draped behind him as he poses beside a wall at the Denver Zoo.

Peacocks, the male versions of peahen, are widely known for their brillant coloring and long distinctive tail feathers.  The female Peahen is much less distinctive, even drab with muted brown and gray coloring and only slight green or blue plumage.  Most peacocks on these pages are Indian Peafowl (Pavo cristatus) with iridescent blue-green plumage and long trains featuring the traditional "eye" symbol.  The Green Peacock is facing extinction in most areas and has mostly green plumage, rather than blue.  The males usually display their full tail fan when courting or when threatened. 


Free Peacock Pictures, high resolution pics of Indian Peacocks and Peahens free to use for any purpose.

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