Download Oil Palm 1DownloadDescription: A beautiful mature oil palm growing in Newport Beach, CA, near the surf spot known as The Wedge. A smaller date palm is behind.

Download Hawaii Palm GroveDownloadDescription: A grove of palm trees in Hawaii, against a pale blue sky. The tops of several of the palm trees are visible, seen from below and to the side. On the right side of the photo is the slanted trunk of one of the palm trees.

Download Palm SilhouetteDownloadDescription: The pale blue sky of early evening in Hawaii, framed on either side by the silhouettes of palm trees. There are several palm trees in the lower right corner of the photo, and in the upper left corner of the picture is the top of another palm.

Download Palm Flower 2DownloadDescription: A closer view of the many tiny flowers of a young palm tree on Balboa Peninsula, CA.

Download Palm Flower 1DownloadDescription: A young palm tree on Balboa Peninsula, CA, has just flowered spectacularly, displaying its thousands of tiny flowers in front of the smooth white inner surface of the flower bract.

Download Oil Palm 3DownloadDescription: A smaller oil palm growing just behind the jetty at The Wedge in Newport Beach, CA, with other palms in the background.

Download Oil Palm 2DownloadDescription: The same oil palm in Newport Beach, CA, as the previous photo, looking up from the base of the trunk. The yellow clusters are immature drupes, from which oil could eventually be extracted.

Download Hawaii PalmsDownloadDescription: Several palm trees seen from directly below, in a clear blue sky, with the sun directly in the center of the photo, surrounded by the silhouettes of the palm leaves.

Download Hawaii Palms 4DownloadDescription: A grove of palm trees in Hawaii, seen from close behind the trunk of one of the palm trees. The trunk of the palm fills the right side of the photo, and on the left the rest of the grove of palms stands against the sky.

Download Egypt PalmsDownloadDescription: The top of a palm tree in Egypt, seen from the side, with the thick brown trunk of another palm directly in front of it.

Download Egypt PalmDownloadDescription: The top of a palm tree in Egypt, seen from directly below, against a clear blue sky.


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