Download Spathoglottis Plicata OrchidDownloadA beautiful pink orchid of the species Spathoglottis Plicata, seen at an angle. The soft pink petals of the flower are lit from behind by soft light, and the inner petals are clearly visible. Taken in the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Download Phaius Tankervilliae OrchidDownloadA purple orchid of the species Phaius tankervilliae, seen in soft sunlight at an angle. Taken in the Denver Botanic Gardens, this photo shows the deep purple tip of the orchid from the side. The star-like outer petals are visible above, forming a sort of canopy over the flower.

Download Orchids Against the CanopyDownloadTwo purple orchids seen from directly below. The flowers are silhouetted against the foliage of the tree canopy above, creating a very interesting artistic effect. Taken in the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Download Purple Orchid FrontalDownloadAn impressive purple orchid seen from directly in front. Pale sunlight falls on the tip of the tube-like inner petals, lighting the deep purple veins. The outer petals surround the top of the flower, pointing outward in a star pattern.

Download Pink Orchid CloseupDownloadA bright pink orchid seen close up from the front. The soft sunlight lighting the flower from above throws shadows across the brilliant pink petals. Taken in the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Download Orchids in SunlightDownloadThree bright pink orchids in bright sunlight. These lovely pink flowers of the species Spathoglottis plicata were photographed at the Denver Botanic Gardens. The flowers are seen brightly lit against a dark green background.

Download Radiant Pink OrchidDownloadAn exquisite light pink orchid in soft light. The stems of the other blooms on the plant are sticking out behind the flower, forming a radiating effect. The flower is seen close up directly from the front, with all petals clearly visible.

Download Closed Pink OrchidDownloadA pink orchid blossom with its petals closed, seen from the side. The soft pink petals are lit by brilliant sunlight, and droop forward to hide the center of the flower. Seen against a dark green background.

Download Orchids in BloomDownloadA lovely sprig of purple orchids of the species Phaius tankervilliae in full bloom, against tropical foliage. The flowers are bathed in soft sunlight, with deep green leaves in dappled shade in the background.

Download Purple Orchid CloseupDownloadA straight-on closeup of the inner petals of a purple orchid. The inner petals form a tube like the speaker of an antique record player, and in this photo you can see directly into the tube to the heart of the flower.

Download Orchid LipsDownloadA closeup of the tip of the inner petals of a purple orchid. The lips of the petals pout outward. The deep purple veins along the inside of the petals can be seen clearly.

Download Purple Orchid ProfileDownloadA purple orchid, species Phaius tankervilliae, in direct profile. The outer petals, which radiate outward in a star-like pattern, are lit from above by sunlight and appear almost white. The purple tip of the inner petals is mostly shaded, seen directly from the side.

These lovely free orchid pictures were taken at the Denver Botanic Gardens, at the Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory. This is an incredible huge glass dome full of exotic tropical plants. There is an incredible variety of exquisite flowers there, although much of the orchid collection was not currently in bloom. Fortunately, we were able to find these beauties nestled among the tropical foliage, and get a few nice orchid pics.


Our beautiful, high-res free orchid pictures can be used or modified for any purpose.

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