Download Amanita MuscariaDownloadDescription: The infamous Amanita Muscaria mushroom. This red spotted mushroom has a bright red cap with white spots. These mushrooms are poisonous, but very beautiful. They grow in the redwood forest after a good rain.

Download Round Amanita MuscariaDownloadDescription: A very small round Amanita Muscaria mushroom. The bright red cap is immature and almost perfectly round. The white bumpy spots are very close together. The mushroom is seen close up against a dark background.

Download Floppy Amanita MuscariaDownloadDescription: A red Amanita Muscaria mushroom with white spots. The white spots are raised from the surface and arranged in a circular pattern. The cap of this mushroom is slightly distorted, giving it a floppy appearance almost as if it were made of felt.

Download Brown Mushroom 2DownloadDescription: A large smooth brown mushroom growing from the trunk of a tree. The stalk of the mushroom curves up, so that the cap is perfectly level.

Download White Mushrooms 2DownloadDescription: Closeup view of several small white mushrooms growing among brown leaves on the forest floor. There is one larger mushroom with a flat cap, and several smaller ones with rounded caps growing around its base.

Download White Mushrooms 1DownloadDescription: Several small white mushrooms growing among brown leaves on the forest floor. Above the mushrooms are the deep green leaves of a holly bush.

Download White Mushroom 2DownloadDescription: A small white mushroom with a brown tip growing among pine needles on the forest floor. The cap of the mushroom is rounded and slightly mottled with brown shading.

Download White Mushroom 1DownloadDescription: A small white mushroom with a gray tip, growing among pin needles on the forest floor. In the upper left corner of the picture is a small fern leaf. At the base of the larger mushroom, several tiny white mushroom caps are just beginning to sprout.

Download Mushrooms On LogDownloadDescription: Three large brown mushrooms growing from a crack in an old stump. Behind the mushrooms are the blooms of a lavendar bush.

Download Feathery Mushrooms 1DownloadDescription: Four small white mushrooms growing in pea gravel. The caps are tall and narrow, with a feathery-looking texture to them and slight brown shading.

Download Brown Mushroom 1DownloadDescription: A flat brown mushroom growing among pine needles on the forest floor. The top of the mushroom has a slightly fuzzy appearance. At the base of the larger mushroom, a small brown mushroom cap is just beginning to sprout.

Download Large Amanita MuscariaDownloadDescription: A huge Amanita Muscaria mushroom. The cap of this orange-red mushroom is fully mature, with the edges turned upward and the cap almost completely flat, and some of the white spots are beginning to turn yellow. Around the edges, the red color fades to a pale yellow. One edge of the mushroom is covered by green leaves.

Download Fungus TrunkDownloadDescription: A tree trunk covered with shelf fungus, in Northern Sweden.


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