Download Blue HeronDownloadDescription: A great blue heron standing in a field, facing to the right side of the picture with its back to the camera. It's slate-blue wings are clearly visible.

Download Flamingo 32 WadingDownloadDescription: This flamingo photo, taken at the Albuquerque Zoo, highlights the long, snake-like neck of the bird, as well as clearly showing the coloration and the long skinny legs.

Download Two TurtledovesDownloadDescription: Two turtledoves in a tree in Egypt, sitting on a branch next to each other, with one resting its head on the other's shoulder.

Download Jay In TreeDownloadDescription: This jay photo was taken around mid-day, with the dappled sunlight coming through the trees.

Download HummingbirdDownloadDescription: A hummingbird hovering next to a small fountain made of a rock with water cascading down its face. The hummingbird's wings are blurred, and it hovers close to the rock with its beak and tail extended.

Download Bird In Grass 2DownloadDescription: A bird walking in a grassy field in Northern Sweden. The bird has brown wings and its breast is white with black spots. It faces toward the right side of the photo, the sunlight casting a shadow behind it into the grass.

Download Bird Eating WormsDownloadDescription: A bird eating worms in a grassy field in Northern Sweden. This bird has brown wings and a white breast speckled with black spots. It has three worms in its beak, and stands facing toward the left side of the photo.

Download Wild Turkey 3DownloadDescription: A wild turkey in long golden grass. The body of the turkey is in shadow, while the head is in sunlight. The turkey is facing toward the left side of the picture, and is seen from the side.

Download Soaring SeabirdDownloadA soaring seabird flying over the treeline.  Its long wingspan is displayed showing the bird's white sholders and black wingtips.  Most likely, this is a tern or sea eagle from Australia.

Download Three Mallard Ducks on a LakeDownloadThese three Mallard Ducks (Anas platyrhynchos), a female and two males, are swimming on a lake, looking for food.  The Mallard is the most common and easily recognized of all ducks, with a bright green head on the male and softer brown foliage on the female.  It is also the ancestor of all common ducks, allowing it to interbreed with other species and producing large varieties in markings.

Download White Crowned Sparrow on Thorn BranchDownloadA White Crowned Sparrow perched on a thorn branch.  This bird, looking left, shows off his white crowned or striped head, as well as the typical brown, gray and black feathering associated with sparrows.  A thorny bush like this are the perferred spots for sparrows to build there nests.

Download White Crowned SparrowDownloadA White Crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys) basking in the winter sun.  Although these common Sparrows are normally found in Northern United States and Canada, this one found a sunny spot in California for the winter.

Download White Crowned Sparrow in BrushDownloadThis White Crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys) is hiding in some brush.  With it's head cocked towards the camera, it is easy to see the three distictive white stripes that give this Sparrow its name.

Download Pied Imperial PigeonDownloadThis white dove is actually a Pied Imperial Pigeon (Ducula bicolor).  Commonly, the terms dove and pigeon are interchangeable with doves refering to smaller varieties.  This particular pigeon has predominately white feathers with black and gray on its wing tips and along its lower belly.  It also has large startling black eyes.  The dramatic coloring of this bird is set of nicely by the muted green leaves of the tree behind its perch.

Download Flamingo 37 DrinkingDownloadDescription: This flamingo photo from the Albuquerque Zoo presents a clear view of the beautiful coloration of the bird's feathers.

Download Flamingo 37 ProfileDownloadDescription: This photo of flamingo 37, again taken at the Albuquerque Zoo, shows a full profile of the bird, with a clear view of the head and bill.

Download HeronDownloadDescription: A heron walking through a grassy field in Northern Sweden. The bird is seen from the side, facing toward the right side of the photo. Behind it is a line of trees at the edge of the forest.

Download Bird In GrassDownloadDescription: A small bird walking through a grassy field in Northern Sweden. The bird has brown wings and a black and white speckled underbelly. It is facing away from the camera, turned slightly to the side. Behind the bird is a small patch of yellow wildflowers.


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