Download TigerliliesDownloadDescription: Two bright pink and orange spotted tigerlilies, in the Mendocino County Botanical Gardens in Fort Bragg California. The petals of the tigerlilies are intertwined in the center, and each lily faces slightly out away from the other.

Download Magic LilyDownloadDescription: A magic lily, also called by many other names. It sprouts a big cluster of leaves that grow at an amazing rate in spring, and then the leaves die back. Later in the summer, when you've essentially forgotten about it, each bulb sends up a single shoot (no leaves) that also grows very rapidly and then sprouts a handful of flowers like the one in the photo at the top of the stalk.

Download Calla Lily 3DownloadDescription: A calla lily from the side in morning sunlight, with an unfurling bud behind it.

Download Calla Lily 4DownloadDescription: A calla lily from the side in morning sunlight, with the shadows of leaves falling on its petals.

Download Hooded LilyDownloadDescription: A sweet little peace lily flower, just starting to open, the bract appearing like a hood over the flower stalk.

Download Yellow Lily 2DownloadDescription: A lovely yellow lily glowing in the afternoon sun. This lily is an asiatic variety and grows in Costa Mesa, CA.

Download Yellow Lily 1DownloadDescription: A beautiful yellow asiatic lily, glowing in the afternoon sun in Costa Mesa, CA.

Download Pink LiliesDownloadDescription: Two pink and white lilies just beginning to unfurl into bloom, surrounded by their foliage. Taken in the Mendocino County Botanical Gardens in Fort Bragg California.

Download Calla Lily 2DownloadDescription: A calla lily from the side in morning sunlight.

Download Calla Lilies 1DownloadDescription: Two calla lilies in the morning sunlight.

Download Calla Lily 1DownloadDescription: A calla lily with curled tip in the sunlight.

Download 2 Red And White LiliesDownloadDescription: Medium close-up of two lilies, possibly a variety of asiatic lily, red with white markings and white petal and sepal bottoms.

These lovely pictures of lilies were mostly taken around Fort Bragg, though we also have the Magic Lily which was taken by Pete Hartman, as well as yellow lilies taken in Costa Mesa CA.  Our pictures of lily flowers include tigerlilies and calla lilies as well.

Our pics are free to use for any purpose you can imagine. You can also modify these lily images and redistribute them provided you credit us with a link.


Free Lily Pictures from, all of our pictures of lilies are free to use for any purpose.

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