Download Amur Leopard CloseupDownloadA closeup of the head of an Amur Leopard hiding behind a bush. The leopard is facing to the left, clearly displaying the pattern of solid black spots on its tawny cheek. The leopard's thick white whiskers are almost as long as its head.

Download Snow Leopard Cub ScratchingDownloadA tiny snow leopard lying in straw next to a log, its hind leg raised to scratch its neck in a typically cat-like gesture. The cub has thick, pure white fur on its underbelly, but is otherwise pale brown with black spots. Its tail is incredibly thick and bushy.

Download Amur Leopard Side ViewDownloadAn Amur Leopard seen from the side, at a medium-close distance, facing toward the left side of the photo. The leopard is behind a green bush with only its head showing, its neck and body hidden behind the leaves. The stark pattern of small solid black spots on its light brown coat can be seen clearly on the side of its head.

Download Snow Leopard CubDownloadDescription: A cute snow leopard cub curled up and smiling at the camera at the Denver Zoo.

Download Amur Leopard PeekabooDownloadThis gorgeous big cat playing peekaboo is an Amur or Manchurian Leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis) behind some leaves.  These unique leopards are incredibly endangered with only an estimated 30-45 cats alive in the wild, but conservation efforts like those at the Denver Zoo are trying to save the species.  His light green eyes are typical of the AmurLeopards, who typically have light yellow to almost whitish long coats as well as long legs to carry them through the snow drifts of Eastern Russia. 

Download Snow Leopard Cub with Fluffy TailDownloadEnjoying all the attention from the camera, this Snow Leopard cub is showing off his fluffy spotted tail.


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