Download Koala Sleeping Closeup 2DownloadDescription: A koala sleeping in the Australia Zoo, shown close up from the front. The koalas head is resting against a wooden trunk, eyes closed, face seen through the leaves of the tree.

Download Koala Sleeping Closeup 1DownloadDescription: A closeup photo of a koala sleeping in the Australia Zoo. The koala's head is lowered, eyes closed, sunlight shining on its grey fur through the leaves of the tree. Close enough so that the individual hairs on its soft fuzzy nose can be seen clearly.

Download Koala Sleeping 2DownloadDescription: A koala sleeping in a tree in the Australia Zoo. Her head is lowered in her arms so that her face is hidden. Behind her, you can barely make out her baby, climbing up from under the branch on which she is sitting.

Download Koala Sleeping 1DownloadDescription: A koala sleeping in a Eucalyptus tree in the Australia Zoo in Queensland Australia. The koala is shown from the side, head down, eyes closed, lit from the back by sunlight coming through the leaves.

Free Koala PicturesThese adorable animals were photographed at the Australia Zoo in Queensland. They have an enclosure where you can walk right up to the trees where the koalas are climbing or sleeping. Most of the time, you will find them sleeping -- these laid-back animals sleep 16-18 hours per day! We had the privilege of getting a good view of a baby koala playing and cuddling with its mother, who of course was trying to sleep. I would have to rate these koala pictures as the cutest of all our animal pictures.

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