Download Chestnut RunningDownloadThis beautiful chestnut stallion is just leaping into a run, his back legs firmly pressed against the turf behind him, raising a tiny plume of dust, front legs raised in the air to spring forward. He is running next to a fence in a pasture in New Mexico. The horse's tail is streaming out behind him, and his mane, clipped short, is ruffled in the wind. His head is turned just slightly toward the camera, displaying the white blaze on his face. His rich reddish-brown coat glistens in the afternoon sunlight.

Download Bay TrottingDownloadA bay stallion, trotting in a pasture in New Mexico, viewed from the side in late afternoon sunlight. The horse's black tail is raised proudly and streams out behind him in the wind. His left rear and right front legs are raised from the ground, displaying his black socks. His short black mane ripples in the wind, and his rich brown coat gleams in the sunlight.

Download Horse's EyeDownloadThe dark eye of a buckskin stallion, seen close up so that only part of the horse's face is visible. He is light brown and has a black mane, which can just be seen at the top of the photo. The camera angle is tilted up toward the horse, so that his head is seen against a background of blue sky, his coat richly lit by afternoon sunlight.

Download Buckskin CanteringDownloadThis buckskin stallion is in mid-canter, with both rear legs off the ground and the left foreleg lifted. He has a tan coat, with black mane, tail and socks, seen in afternoon sunlight in a field in New Mexico. He also has a bit of straw in his mouth, if you look closely, giving a somewhat comical appearance to his otherwise dignified gait. In the background, a bay horse is partly visible, also running through the field.

Download Bay horse faceDownloadDescription: The face of a bay horse with white markings, under an acacia tree in Queensland, Australia.

Download White HorseDownloadDescription: A white horse grazing in Queensland, Australia, seen in full view from the side.

Download Bay ProfileDownloadDescription: And a profile from the other side. This brumby is not camera shy.

Download Chestnut With WhiteDownloadDescription: A chestnut mare with white markings on the face, with an itchy nose.

Download Chestnut ProfileDownloadDescription: A chestnut mare, shown in profile, taken in Queensland Australia.

Download White Horse CloseupDownloadDescription: A white horse grazing in Queensland, Australia, shown from the side with neck and head visible.

Download Chestnut Face CloseupDownloadDescription: In Australia, wild horses (and often those that are not so wild) are called 'brumbies', possibly after James Brumby, an Australian stockman in the 18th century.

Download Bay CloseupDownloadDescription: This Aussie horse is just a bit skittish about the hand approaching from the left. Photo taken on Wolvi Mountain in Queensland, Australia.

Download Bay Full ViewDownloadDescription: A bay horse with white markings on the face,  in Queensland, Australia.

Download Bay with WhiteDownloadDescription: A closeup view of the face of a bay horse with white markings.

Download Brown Horse and White HorseDownloadDescription: A couple of Australian ponies in the hills of Queensland north of Brisbane.


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