Download Sunlit FernsDownloadDescription: A fern leaf backlit by the sun. The sun shining through the leaves turns them light yellow-green. On the left side of the photo, a wisp of spiderweb clings to the ferns, shining in the sunlight.

Download RaspberriesDownloadDescription: Bright red raspberries, viewed close up in bright sunlight.

Download Tiny Plant On RockDownloadDescription: A tiny blade of a grasslike plant growing in a crack in a rock. The leaves of the plant have a thin covering of fine white hairs. Around the plant grows rust-red lichen. Seen in afternoon sunlight, the leaves of the plant cast a shadow on the rock.

Download Thistle In ClearingDownloadDescription: A lone thistle plant, not yet flowering, growing in a forest clearing with ferns and other plants.

Download Rock SucculantDownloadDescription: A tiny succulant plant growing on a rock. The plant has thick pointed leaves with red tips. A spider web clings to the points of the leaves in the center of the plant. Around the plant grows sparse, short grass.

Download Ivy TrunkDownloadDescription: A pine tree trunk covered with ivy, in afternoon sunlight.

Download Iceplants 1DownloadDescription: These succulants, commonly called iceplants, grow near the beach all along the coast. The thick pointed leaves are tipped with a red tinge. On the left side of the photo is a blade of grass with beads of water clinging to it.

Download Fern 1DownloadDescription: A fern in the redwood forest, in dappled sunlight. Beneath the fern is the debris of thhe forest floor. Small plants grow among scattered twigs and fallen redwood needles.

Download Dandelion MeadowDownloadDescription: Hundreds of dandelions in a grassy meadow, their seeds ready to blow in the wind. This picture was submitted by Rickard Olsson, and is used with permission.

Download Bush On CliffDownloadDescription: A bush hanging from the edge of a cliff, seen from below, silhouetted against a pale blue sky.


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