Download Juniper On CliffDownloadDescription: The branches of a small, weathered juniper tree standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean in Mendocino California.

Download Sapling On Lake ShoreDownloadDescription: A small fir sapling growing among rocks on the shore of a lake in Northern Sweden.

Download Termite TracksDownloadDescription: The tracks made by termites in a dry, bleached log. In Wyoming.

Download SurvivorDownloadDescription: A dwarfed tree clinging to existence on the edge of a cliff, even though erosion has eaten away the earth from around a good portion of its root system.

Download Sparse FirsDownloadDescription: A field with sparsely-planted young firs, seen from between two fir trees. In Wyoming.

Download Fir BudDownloadDescription: The young bud of a fir tree on the very tip of the branch. In Wyoming.

Download Dead Tree 4DownloadDescription: A fallen tree with most of the branches still attached, raised off the ground by its branches, bleached by the sun. In Wyoming.

Download Dead Tree 3DownloadDescription: A dead tree growing out of a steep slope. In Wyoming.

Download Fir ConesDownloadDescription: Cones on the tips of the branch of a fir tree in Northern Sweden.

Download Bleached LogDownloadDescription: A dry, bleached log, warped and convoluted where the roots grew from the trunk. In Wyoming.


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