Download Asian Elephant 1DownloadDescription: Free Elephant Pictures - An Indian elephant at Steve Erwin's Australia Zoo in Queensland, Australia.

Download Asian Elephant 4DownloadDescription: Indian elephant at the late Steve Erwin's Australia Zoo in Queensland.

Download Asian Elephant 7DownloadDescription: Indian elephant in the sun at the Australia Zoo in Queensland, the Australian forest in the background.

Download Elephant Dust BathDownloadDescription: An Indian elephant at the Albuquerque Zoo enjoying a dust bath in the sun. The elephant's huge head is surrounded by a cloud of dust it has stirred up by throwing dust over its back with its trunk. Shown in portrait view in late afternoon sunlight.

Download Elephant In SunDownloadDescription: An Indian elephant at the Albuquerque Zoo, standing in the sun.

Download Asian Elephant 18DownloadDescription: Elephants are very intelligent and have complex and extensive social lives. They are among the very small number of species such as the great apes and bottlenose dolphins capable of self-recognition.

Download Asiatic Elephant in Profile Eating StrawDownloadDescription: The elephant is generally a greyish color, but often appears brownish or reddish-brown from the mud and dust baths it takes to protect its skin.

Download Asian Elephant 16DownloadDescription: Though tough and thick, an elephant's skin is very sensitive, and the elephant takes frequent mud baths or sprays water then dust on its body to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, insects, and moisture loss.

Download Asian Elephant 15DownloadDescription: Elephants are called pachyderms, which means thick-skinned, and the skin on most of the elephant's body is about an inch thick. The Asian elephant, like the one pictured here, generally has more hair on its body than the African variety.

Download Asian Elephant 14DownloadDescription: Scientists estimate the number of Asian elephants to be down to around 40,000, less than one-tenth the number of African elephants. This Asian elephant survives at the Australia Zoo in Queensland.

Download Asian Elephant 13DownloadDescription: The elephant's trunk is sensitive enough to pick up a single blade of grass, yet strong enough to rip branches from trees or even uproot small trees.

Download Asian Elephant 12DownloadDescription: The elephant uses its trunk for picking up food, sucking up water to drink or to spray on itself, for protection, and for social interaction through touch and gesture. The trunk is also a highly developed sense organ used for smelling.

Download Asian  Elephant 11DownloadDescription: The elephant's trunk is a fusion of the nose and upper lip, and is said to have over 40,000 individual muscles.

Download Asian Elephant 10DownloadDescription: Elephants are the largest living land animal, and have the longest gestation period of any land animal--22 months.

Download Elephant ProfileDownloadDescription: An Indian elephant at the Albuquerque Zoo, standing in the sun, in profile.

Download Elephant Dust Bath 3DownloadDescription: An Indian elephant at the Albuquerque Zoo making the most of an oppoortunity for a dust bath.

Download Elephant Dust Bath 2DownloadDescription: An Indian elephant enjoying a dust bath in the sun at the Albuquerque Zoo. The elephant has lifted a cloud of dust with its trunk and thrown the dirt and rocks against its legs and underbelly.

Download Elephant And PeacockDownloadDescription: An Indian elephant basking in sunlight at the Albuquerque Zoo, shown in portrait view with only the head and front legs of the elephant visible. Behind the elephant a peacock stands in the background in dark shadow. The perspective almost makes the elephant seem to be eye to eye with a peacock.

Download Asian Elephant 6DownloadDescription: This Indian elephant is in no danger of exceeding the posted speed limit. The late Steve Erwin's Australia Zoo in Queensland.

Download Asian  Elephant 5DownloadDescription: Elephants at the Australia Zoo in Queensland, the Aussie forest in the background. The elephant in the foreground is seen in profile, with the tip of its trunk slightly curled, reaching toward the ground.

Download Asian  Elephant 2DownloadDescription: The grass is definitely greener on the other side of this electric fence at Steve Erwin's Australia Zoo in Queensland, Australia.

Download Asian Elephant 3DownloadDescription: Seems unlikely that this massive Indian elephant could be constrained by a single thin wire.

Download Asian Elephant 8DownloadDescription: An Indian (also known as Asian) elephant at the Australia Zoo in Queensland. The Asian elephant can be distinguished from the African by its smaller ears, the two distinct bumps on the forehead (the African's forehead is smooth) and its smaller size.

Download Asian Elephant 9DownloadDescription: The Indian (or Asian) elephant pictured here lives at the Australia Zoo in Queensland. Asian elephants typically weigh around 10,000 pounds and stand about 10 feet at the shoulder. The African varieties are generally larger, up to 13 feet at the shoulder and sometimes over 15,000 pounds.

Our free elephant pictures were taken in zoos, I'm sorry to admit. I've never been close enough to a wild elephant to get a picture! The first series of images was taken at the Albuquerque zoo, in which the elephant is seen taking a dust bath in late afternoon sunlight. The second series of elephant pics were taken at the Australia Zoo in Queensland. The elephants there are allowed to roam in a large area of jungle at night, and are only confined to their viewing area during the day. I was able to get photos of this asian elephant from several angles. Enjoy these elephant pics along with the rest of our animal pictures.


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