Download Male and Female Mallards EatingDownloadMale and female Mallard ducks eating at the water's edge. Both have their heads in the weeds looking for food.

Download Male Mallard Swimming AwayDownloadA male Mallard swimming away across the lake.  It's head is turned slightly to the left to show off his bright green head as he looks over his shoulder.

Download Mallard Wading Near Duck EggDownloadA Mallard Duck wading in shallow water near a duck egg.  The male duck with its bright green head is walking in shallow water at the edge of a pond. To the left is a half submerged duck egg.

Download Pacific Black Duck SwimmingDownloadA Pacific Black Duck (Anas superciliosa) swimming across a leaf strewn lake in Australia.  This duck ranges from Australia ot New Zealand where it is called the Grey Duck.  With brown back and wing feathers similar to the Mallard, what makes it distinctive is the black striped head instead of the Mallard's bright green.

Download Speckled GooseDownloadA Speckled Goose waddling away after a Purple Swamphen at The Ginger Factory in Queensland, Australia.

Download Speckled Goose and other BirdsDownloadA Speckled Goose with large red crown waddling among other birds.  There is a big white goose in the background as well as a couple of Purple Swamp Hens runnign swiftly past the speckled goose.  This picture was taken at The Ginger Factory in Queensland Australia.

Download Geese In FlightDownloadDescription: Geese in flight over a field in Northern Sweden. These geese have gray bodies and black necks, with a spot of bright white just behind the beak. They are flying toward the left side of the photo. The goose in the lead has its wings raised at the top of their stroke, while the goose in the rear, at the far right side of the pic, has its wings level with its body on the downstroke.

Download White Goose Walking AwayDownloadA cute white goose waddling away across a field of green grass.  This is one of the many birds living at The Ginger Factory in Australia.

Download Duck SwimmingDownloadDescription: A duck swimming on the glassy surface of a lake in Northern Sweden. The duck is seen from a distance, swimming away from the camera, leaving a wake of ripples on the smooth surface of the lake. To the left and ahead of the duck, low rocks stick out of the water. In the foreground, on the left side of the photo, the leaves of a tree hang down over the surface of the water.

Download 3 Ducks EatingDownloadDescription: This duck photo shows 3 mallard ducks, 2 male and 1 female, spreading ripples in the pond as they dip into the water for food.

Download Duck On CliffDownloadDescription: A goose sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The goose is sitting among low brush, facing toward the right side of the photo. It has a gray body and a black head and neck, with a white spot just behind the bill. Behind the goose, seaweed-covered rocks are washed by waves.

Download 1 DuckDownloadDescription: A male mallard duck, spreading ripples in a pond, shown at a medium distance. The pond is otherwise mostly still and reflects the pale blue of the sky. The mallard is dipping its yellow beak just slightly into the water. The duck is seen from an angle, facing toward the right side of the picture and turned slightly toward the camera.

Download White GooseDownloadDescription: A huge white goose standing in the grass in Mendocino, California. The goose is seen from the side, with its head turned slightly toward the camera. It has an orange bill and feet, but otherwise is snow-white. It stands in short thick grass spotted with daisies.

Download 1 Duck QuackingDownloadDescription: This duck photo is of one male mallard, quacking in the pond.

Download 1 Duck ProfileDownloadDescription: Profile photo of a male mallard duck, the sunlight reflecting green off his head feathers.

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