Download Cactus 1DownloadDescription: A round, long-spined cactus with mountains in the background, in Death Valley California.

Download Cactus 2DownloadDescription: A cactus with round flat spiny lobes, growing in the botanical gardens in Mendocino California. Around the base of the large cactus a number of smaller cacti are growing.

Download Young SajuaroDownloadDescription: A young sajuaro cactus in the high Mojave desert in western Arizona. The cactus is short and round, with no arms growing from its main stem.

Download Ubehebe BushDownloadDescription: A bush growing at the bottom of Ubehebe Crater, in Death Valley California, with the rim of the crater in the background.

Download Sajuaro Cactus 2DownloadDescription: A sajuaro cactus standing among several others in the background. The lower part of the main stem of the cactus is dry and brown, and there is a small hole in the stem. Around the base of the cactus grows thick green brush. In the high Mojave desert of western Arizona.

Download Sajuaro Cactus 1DownloadDescription: A mature sajuaro cactus with several arms, seen against a pale blue sky, growing in dense underbrush. In the high Mojave desert of western Arizona.

Download Sajuaro CactiDownloadDescription: Several sajuaro cacti growing on a hill in the high desert of western Arizona. Around cacti low green brush grows.

Download Prickly PearDownloadDescription: A prickly pear cactus in a canyon in Death Valley, California.

Download Desert BushDownloadDescription: A bush growing on the wall of a canyon in Death Valley California.

Download Cactus Flower CloseupDownloadDescription: Closeup shot of a red and pink cactus flower, with the cactus in the background. This picture was submitted by Rickard Olsson, and is used with permission.

Download Cactus 3DownloadDescription: A small cactus with thin spiny stems, seen against the sky and a low hill in the background. In the high Mojave desert of western Arizona.


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