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Most of these desert pictures were taken on a trip to Death Valley, California, in the spring of 2004. There had just been a spring rain, and the vally was bursting with life, with new flowers and new growth everywhere. We have pictures of desert landsacpes, rock formations, dunes, and plants. See also our animals section, for pictures of desert animals including lizards and a rattlesnake. The wide open spaces of Death Vally make beautiful pictures, and there was no shortage of interesting rock formations and beautiful scenic views. We've recently added desert images from the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico. And, of course, the pyramid pictures from Egypt.

We distribute our desert images under an open license, allowing our visitors to use them freely for any purpose, including wallpaper, desktop pictures, and screensavers. These desert photographs can also be used commercially, provided you give us credit and provide a link to our site if you use the pictures in another website. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to add more desert photos to our gallery soon. If you would like to comment on our desert pics, please contact us at webmaster@freenaturepictures.com.


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