Download Rocks in an Empty PlainDownloadDescription: The white clay flats of the racetrack, a dry lakebed in Death Valley, California. Three small rocks sit in a line on the light, cracked dry mud. The perfectly flat plane of the lake bottom stretches off into the distance, where mountains rise above the valley to a pale blue sky.

Download Desert DunesDownloadDescription: Huge white sand dunes in Death Valley, California. The long, gently curved ridges at the top of the dunes throw stark shadows across the opposite slopes in the afternoon sunlight. The valleys between the dunes are populated with sparse, low-lying bushes. In the distance, a line of hazy blue mountains rises above the valley.

Download Ubehebe Crater ViewDownloadDescription: The rim of the Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley, California, seen from the top of the opposite wall. The upper edge of the crater is gray, but below that are burnt orange and reddish-brown sandstone rocks protruding from the wall.

Download Ubehebe RimDownloadDescription: Seen from below, the wall of the Ubehebe crater is lined with indentations caused by water runoff. The slope is dark gray and dusty, looking almost like a moonscape aside from a few sparse, nearly invisible small bushes. Along the top of the slope, a steep corregated gray outcrop stands against the blue sky.

Download Ubehebe Crater from InsideDownloadDescription: The gray dusty slope of the rim of the Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley, California, seen from within one of the cracks in the opposite wall. The walls around the view point are reddish-brown composite rock. The floor and far wall of the crater can be seen through an opening in the rocks.

Download Ubehebe Rim OutcroppingDownloadDescription: An outcropping of sandstone lined in orange and light brown, protruding from the rim of the Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley, California. The outcrop is viewed from the bottom of the slope, inside the crater.

Download Ubehebe Crater WallDownloadDescription: The rim of the Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley, California, seen from the bottom of the crater. On the right side of the photo, red rock outcroppings protrude from the crater wall, sloping up to the edge of the crater silhouetted against a blue sky.

Download Racetrack From AboveDownloadDescription: This ancient dried-out lakebed in Death Valley California is called the "Racetrack" because of its oval shape and the rock outcropping in the middle of the plain. The dry light tan mud of the lakebed forms a perfectly flat plain, broken only by the gray rocks of the outcropping. This photo was taken from the slope above the Racetrack, with a rock and low bush framing the view.

Download Canyon LandscapeDownloadDescription: The view from within Grotto Canyon in Death Valley, California.

Download Dry IslandDownloadDescription: The rounded gray shape of an island-like rock formation rising from the clay flats of the racetrack, a dry lake bed in Death Valley, California. The rock was presumably once an actual island, but is now surrounded by nothing but dust and dried mud.

Download Desert Dune SlopeDownloadDescription: This beige sand dune is seen from the side, showing it's broad sandy slope and ridged crest. Beyond the dune in the distance, hazy blue mountains rise above the desert. Two tiny black figures can barely be seen climbing the side of the huge dune.

Download Desert Dune CrestDownloadDescription: Seen medium-close, this giant light-tan colored sand dune stood at the bottom of Death Valley in California. At the crest of the dune is a narrow ridge, and along this ridge a path of footprints runs over the top of the dune in the distance. On either side of the ridge, the sloping sands carry other tracks as well.


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