Download Winter OakDownloadDescription: An old oak tree standing alone in winter in Northern Sweden.

Download Sunlight Through TreesDownloadDescription: The late afternoon sun shining through the trees in a forest in Northern Sweden.

Download Sunlit Maple LeavesDownloadDescription: Bright green leaves of a maple tree backlit by the sun. In Northern Sweden.

Download Birch BarkDownloadDescription: The flaky white bark of a birch tree in Northern Sweden.

Download Tangled RootsDownloadDescription: The twisted roots of a tree by a stream.

Download Tangled BranchesDownloadDescription: The tangled branches of a beech tree in Northern Sweden.

Download Sky Through Trees 1DownloadDescription: Looking up at the sky through the leaves and branches of trees in a grove in the desert.

Download Sunlight Through LeavesDownloadDescription: Sunlight shining through the leaves of a young tree, near Jug Handle beach in Fort Bragg California.

Download Desert GroveDownloadDescription: A grove of trees growing along a stream in the desert, with desert brush in the foreground.

Download Huge NestDownloadDescription: A huge bird's nest in a tree in Northern Sweden.

Download Cliffs Through TreeDownloadDescription: View of a towering, cliff-faced mountain through the foliage and branches of a tree.

Download Dead Tree 2DownloadDescription: The top of a dead tree standing above the forest in Northern Sweden.

Download Beech BranchDownloadDescription: A branch of a beech tree with green leaves in the sunlight in Northern Sweden.


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