Morpho Butterflies
Blue-Banded Morpho Butterfly Top

These stunning blue Morpho butterflies are native to the tropics. The tops of their wings are a bright sparkling blue that makes them stand out starkly against green foliage. The undersides of their wings are brown spotted.

Monarch Butterflies
Monarch Butterfly Close Side View

Monarch butterflies are migratory and commonly found in North America. These are of the best-known species of butterflies (species Danaus plexippus), easily identified by their distinctive orange patches with black borders and white spots on the black edges of the wings.

Swallowtail Butterflies
Giant Swallowtail Butterfly on Leaf

The giant swallowtail butterfly (Heraclides cresphontes) photographed from a variety of angles, as well as several photos of an unidentified black and white swallowtail.

Brush-footed Butterflies
Malachite Butterfly Angled

Brush-footed butterflies (Nymphalidae) are distinguished by their short front legs and and include a wide variety of different species. We have photos of White Peacock Butterflies, the intense Metallic Blue Wave, Lacewings, and Malachite Butterflies.

Longwing Butterflies
Tiger Striped Longwing Butterfly 1

A variety of Longwing Butterflies of the family Heliconiidae, found only in the tropics of South and North America. These butterflies are distinguished by their long, rounded front wings and shorter round rear wings.

Cecropia Moth Wings Spread

Most of these pics are of the stunning Cercopia moth, a gigantic moth with reddish-brown wings and light markings. We have some pictures of a plain brown moth as well.

These amazing butterfly pictures were taken at the Denver Butterfly Pavilion. In this enclosed tropical environment, we were able to photograph a wide variety of butterflies, including Monarchs, Blue Morpho Butterflies, and many rare and exotic butterfly species. We also have a number of pictures of butterflies taken elsewhere, including several photos of butterflies on flowers taken at the Denver Botanical Gardens. Moths are also included in this category, being similar enough to butterflies that this seemed the logical place to put them.

As always, our butterfly images are free to download, use and modify for any purpose and in any way you can imagine. We've been looking forward to having a section of butterfly pics for a long time, and we hope you enjoy them.


Beautiful free butterfly pictures - monarchs, morphos, swallowtails and more as well as pictures of moths - free to download and use in any project - websites, blogs, offline, any way you can imagine.

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