Bengal Tiger Snarling

We have lots of pictures of these beautiful tigers in various poses - standing, climbing, lying down, playing, prowling and snarling.

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African Lion Snarling

These are magnificent African Lions - males with thick black manes, and tawny lionesses with their intense stares.

Amur Leopard Closeup

These are closeup photos of an Amur Leopard, light orange with black spots, and a young Snow Leopard with white fur spotted black.

Cheetah 1

Cheetahs are the world's fastest runners, lean, spotted and sleek, shown standing, lying down and walking.

Serval in Leaves 2

The Serval is one of the lesser-known of the big cats. These are brown with large black spots, looking almost like domestic cats with their tiny faces and huge ears.


Free big cat pictures of lions, tigers, leopards, servals and other big cats, free to use however you like.

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