Download Brown Bear LoungingDownloadDescription: This relaxed bear was lying splayed out on a log in the Denver Zoo. The animal appears to be sleeping, resting its chin on the log, with its limbs hanging limp on either side. The bear has a long, shaggy brown coat, with darker paws and underbelly and dark circles around the eyes.

Download Polar Bear HeadDownloadDescription: A closeup photo of a polar bear's head, taken in the Denver Zoo, seen from above and slightly to the side. This magnificent animal was lying right next to the glass wall of the cage and could be photographed at close range. The pure white fur on the head, the fluffy white ears, and long snowy muzzle are clearly visible. The polar bear is facing to the right and looking slightly upward.

Download Asiatic Black BearDownloadThis small Asiatic Black Bear is one of two bears seen at the Denver Zoo.  He is hidin behind some og the log features in his enclosure and has found a stick to play with.  Although not seen in this shot, these bears have large fur ruffs around their necks and cheeks that make their faces look bigger than their actual small size.

Download Black Bear ScratchingDownloadThis shy bear is reaching under his front legs to scratch at his chest.  One of the Asiatic Black Bears (Ursus thibetanus) at the Denver Zoo, this bear was enjoying some early winter sun and scratching his long coat.

Download Black Bear FrontalDownloadAn Asiatic Black Bear (Ursus thibetanus) at the Denver Zoo.  This bear is seen from the front with his nose raised to sniff the air with his fur ruff standing out around his neck. His gold chest patch it visible, and you can see the winter sun shinin on his coat.  In the background is his mate.

Download Black Bear Walking AwayDownloadA camera shy Asiatic Black Bear (Ursus thibetanus) showing his shaggy winter coat while walking away from the camera. You can also see the shaggy ruff of fur around his neck and throat which makes these bears look larger.  The Asiatic Black Bear is one of the many endangered species at the Denver Zoo.

Download Polar Bear SittingDownloadDescription: This beautiful animal was photographed at the Denver Zoo. The polar bear is sitting facing to the right side of the picture. The shaggy white fur and mane of the bear can be seen clearly. One paw is raised slightly off the ground.

Download Polar Bear PlayingDownloadDescription: A polar bear in the Denver Zoo, lying on its back and playing with a stick. The bear's head is reared up, mouth open, grasping the branch in one great paw. The bear's head is turned away from the camera and to the left, facing down towards its stomach. The animal's other forepaw is down at its side, and its hind feet are pressed against a wall.

Download Polar Bear Lying 2DownloadDescription: A polar bear lying on rocks in the denver zoo, playing with a stick that it is holding in its paws. The bear is facing toward the left side of the picture, looking at its paws as it plays. One giant rear paw is pressed against the wall behind the animal. The two huge front paws are pressed together, holding the branch.

Download Polar Bear Lying 1DownloadDescription: A polar bear in the Denver Zoo, seen from a distance, lying on a rocky bank and playing with a stick. The polar bear is only partially visible, lying in a depression behind the bank and looking at the camera as it bites on a branch held in its paws. The animal's hind paws are also visible, pressed against a rock wall behind the bear.

Download Polar Bear LoungingDownloadDescription: A polar bear in the Denver Zoo, shown lounging on rocks. The bear has one paw draped over a rock, and is facing toward the left side of the picture. The animal's head is raised, looking slightly back over its shoulder with its lips curled in the appearance of a sligt smile. The polar bear's hind paws are tucked underneath its belly, and its hindquarters are speckled with straw.

Download Brown Bear Behind LogDownloadDescription: This sad looking animal was photographed in the Denver Zoo. The bear is lying behind a log, resting its chin on the log and looking in the general direction of the camera. Only the bear's face, neck and ears and one shoulder are visible. The bear has a light brown muzzle and dark brown coat.

These bears were photographed at the Denver Zoo. We have two pictures of brown bears lounging on logs, and a series of photos of polar bears. These beautiful animals are seen lying around in their enclosure, and, in one case, playing with a stick.

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