Download Baby Giraffe Staring 1DownloadA cute picture of a baby giraffe staring straight at the camera, ears pirked and huge eyes staring. The baby giraffe's head is turned slightly to the left side of the photo, so that the markings on the cheek are visible. The baby giraffe has long, cute lashes and big, dark eyes. Part of the giraffe's long neck is also visible.

Download Baby Giraffe Profile 1DownloadA closeup picture of the cute face of a baby giraffe, shown in profile against a blurred green background. This is Nitro, a baby giraffe born in the Denver zoo, and he was less than 2 months old at the time. His one visible eye is slightly downcast, showing the long lashes in a very cute expression. The upper part of the baby giraffe's long neck is also visible.

Download Reticulated Giraffe Baby Kissing MamaDownloadA Reticulated Giraffe baby kissing it's Mama on the neck.  Although the baby is partially hidden behind a rock, you can see it's long neck stretched up to its mother. Female giraffe give birth standing up and the baby can walk within hours of being born.  This baby will continue to nurse from his mother for about a year. 

Download Reticulated Giraffe BabyDownloadA newborn baby giraffe, only a month old, at the Denver Zoo stands tall and proud, showing off his long legs and neck. WHen fully grown, his legs will be taller than most adult humans, over 6 feet tall in the back. An adult Reticulated Girafee also stands in the right corner of the shot. 

Download Reticulated Giraffe FamilyDownloadThis family grouping of Reticulated Giraffes includes a mother and her new baby as well as a juvenile born the previous year.  In the background is another newborn giraffe, one of three born this year at the Denver Zoo.

Download Baby Giraffe RearDownloadA baby giraffe standing facing away from the camera, with head turned slightly to the right. Once again this is Nitro the baby giraffe, shown standing up a little unsteadily on his long lanky legs, looking around and seeming a bit sleepy, as he had just got up.

Download Baby Giraffe Profile 3DownloadA portrait view of a baby giraffe looking to the side, against a background of trees. This baby giraffe's name is Nitro, and he was walking somewhat unsteadily away from the camera, looking curously around.

Download Baby Giraffe Profile 2DownloadPhoto of a cute baby giraffe's head and neck, seen in profile. This is Nitro the baby giraffe in the Denver zoo, shown at less than two months old. He was lying down with his head raised, looking kind of sleepy.

Download Baby Giraffe Lying Down 2DownloadAn adorable baby giraffe lying down with his neck curved over his body and head lowered. This baby giraffe's name is Nitro, and he looks incredibly cute with his face turned down in a shy looking expression.

Download Baby Giraffe Lying Down 1DownloadA cute photo of a baby giraffe lying down with his long neck extended and head raised. This is Nitro the baby giraffe, lying on the ground in the Denver zoo. His long legs are folded in front of him, and his long neck is raised to look around.

Download Baby Giraffe Getting UpDownloadA cute baby giraffe in the process of standing up, kneeling on his front knees with his rear feet planted. This baby giraffe's name is Nitro, and he's less than 2 months old in this picture - no wonder he's a little clumsy getting up! He looked a little wobbly as he rose to his feet on his incredibly long legs, but once he got up he was able to walk just fine.

Download Baby Giraffe FrontDownloadA frontal view of a cute baby giraffe, standing tall against a background of leaves. This baby giraffe was walking toward the camera, looking very cute and curious. Photo taken in the Denver zoo.

These cute pictures of baby giraffes were taken in the Denver and Albuquerque zoos. The youngest of these baby giraffes, shown lying down in several photos and once in profile, was less than two months old. His name is Nitro, and he was 150 lbs and 6 feet tall when he was born! Of course, much of that height was his long neck, but still, that's one big baby! Even though he was huge for his age, Nitro was still amazingly cute, as are the rest of our adorable baby giraffes.

These free baby giraffe pictures can be downloaded completely free of charge and used for any purpose. You can put them on your website, use them in school projects and print media, use them for desktop wallpaper, or whatever else you can imagine. If you put these baby giraffe pictures on a website, please remember to link to this page.


Cute pictures of baby giraffes, totally free to download and use however you want.

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