Download Doe With Fawns 2DownloadDescription: A doe deer walking through tall grass at the edge of the forest, with her two fawns on either side of her. On the right side of the picture, one of the fauns stands turned away, looking into the forest. The doe in the center of the pic is walking parallel to the forest's edge, looking at the camera. The third fawn, on the left, walks ahead of the doe. Near Fort Bragg, California.

Download Fawn In GrassDownloadDescription: A spotted fawn standing in tall golden grass on the edge of the forest, seen from the side. The fawn has a light brown coat with white spots, and stands with its head raised, long ears perked, looking at the camera. Behind it are the dark green shadows of the forest. Near Fort Bragg, California.

Download Doe With FawnsDownloadDescription: A doe deer standing in tall grass at the edge of the forest, with her two fawns slightly in front of her. Both fauns stand with their tails to the camera, with necks craned to look back at the camera. They have light brown fur with white spots. Behind them, the doe stands looking at the camera with long ears raised. Behind the deer is the edge of the redwood forest. Near Fort Bragg, California.

These pictures of baby deer and their mothers were taken in Fort Bragg California. They are actually some of the oldest pictures on the site, but they belong in this new cute baby animals category. They are absolutely adorable.

These baby deer pictures are free to use in any way. Please link to this page if you use our pictures of fawns online.


Cute pictures of baby deer. These pictures of fawns are free to use and modify for any purpose.

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