Baby Tigers
Tree-Hugging Baby Tiger

Pictures of cute baby tigers, including a baby tiger hugging a tree, tiger cubs playing with their mother and play fighting.

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Baby Sea Lions
Baby Sea Lion Swimming 1

This cute baby sea lion's name is Ady. She was 3 months old at the time these photos were taken, playing with her mother in their pool at the Denver zoo.

Baby Giraffes
Baby Giraffe Staring 1

We have pictures of several baby giraffes, including one under two months old. Baby giraffes are adorably awkward with their oversized legs and big dewy eyes.

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Baby Goats
Baby Goat Peeking

These pictures include black, brown and white kids (baby goats) climbing, playing and eating.

Baby Orangutans
Baby Orangutan Staring

The wide eyes of this baby orangutan give her a cute though somewhat startled look. She is seen here in several poses, peeking out from her mother's embrace.

Baby Gorillas
Baby Gorilla 2

A young gorilla shown sitting, walking, and climbing on rocks.

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Baby Deer
Doe With Fawns 2

Two adorable fawns, brown with white spots, grazing with their mother in the forest near Fort Bragg, CA.

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Baby Koalas
Baby Koala Climbing

A baby koala in the Australia zoo, climbing on branches and cuddling with its mother.

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Free pictures of cute baby animals, with a treehugging baby tiger, free to download and use for any purpose.

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