Reticulated Giraffe with Neck Bent

These pictures of giraffes include adults and juveniles - we also have pics of baby giraffes in the Baby Animals category.

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Male Gorilla

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Asian Elephant 1

Most of these elephants were photographed at the Australia Zoo. These are actually Asian elephants, so technically they are not African animals, but are closely associated with this category.

These free pictures of african animals were taken in zoos, not in the wild. Some are from the Denver Zoo, some from the Albuquerque Zoo and some from the Australia Zoo. Even in captivity, these creatures are magnificent, though I would love the opportunity to take photos of them in the wild. We have images of giraffes, zebras, hyenas, gorillas and elephants in this category - big cats are in a category of their own.

Our african animal pictures are free to download and use. Like all of our free animal pictures, you can use them however you like, including posting them on your website, using them for computer wallpaper, printing them in books or newsletters, and even creating school projects. All we ask in return is that you give us a link.


Free pictures of african animals, elephants, gorillas, hyenas, zebras etc, free to use however you like.

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